Party No. 2: ALL the photos!

Party 2/12 complete! My favorite part of this party was that it was for my girls. It takes a village, and I am really lucky that they are part of mine. Cheers ladies! Perhaps this will be an annual occasion?

Party No. 2: The Invitation

It's no secret that I believe invitations can be a tone setter for their party. Sure, I could have simply texted my girls the details for this one, but I had an urge to create a paper invitation. Also, I LOVE snail mail. I played around with hand lettering for a couple nights. I wrote, and wrote, and wrote, on different scratch papers. I tested out different sized fonts and styles and colors. And it was fun! I took trips to Michaels for the card stock, and floral printed paper. I hope those who received these bad boys in the mail felt the joy that I put in to them.

I messed around for a while with the letter size and spacing. I knew the flat white needed something else and painted on some gold paint at the last minute. Perfect amount of shine. I had always wanted to try envelope lining, so I was really happy when I found that floral paper. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but it did the job. I used this tutorial as my guide.

The polka dot paper above is the backside of the card in the first photo. I used a black ink pad and pencil eraser to achieve the classic print. The little pink card was a dress code suggestion. The jewels in this shot were what I wore that night! Thanks Rocksbox for the earrings. That bracelet is Kate Spade from 5 years ago.

I used the date stamp to print over and over on a tiny card, then highlighted a single stamp with the same pink marker I used for "galentine's day" on the first card. I really liked the way the stamp spacing made it look like a pre printed patterned paper. On the backside of the Feb. 13, 2015 print, I used a heart stamp I already had, and wrote my address underneath it.