Party No. 1: ALL the Photos

Party No. 1 - Check! I'm so happy with how it all turned out. This party would have been nothing without my friends participating in the fun. I'm grateful they all made time to celebrate with us.

Party No. 1: Photo Booth Props

The streamers and "best night ever" garland came together first, but what's a photo booth without some great props? Next on my list- gather ALL THE PROPS.

I made the party hats a couple days before the party, after finding a template online, picked up a pack of poppers at Target, along with the party beads. I did my best to throw together some props on skewers but I think they turned out kinda 'meh'. Except the picture of LC with the kissy lips: That one turned out amaze.

Party No. 1: Photo Booth Backdrop

Gold and silver streamers combine for a shimmery and classy photo booth backdrop. // Jan. 2015

Gold and silver streamers combine for a shimmery and classy photo booth backdrop. // Jan. 2015

Behold! My first handmade photo booth backdrop! What started out as a simple concept, (of course) turned into the most time consuming piece of decor for this party. I saw the gold and silver streamers sorta hiding in a party aisle at Target between Thanksgiving and Christmas and grabbed 2 packs each, because... hello, gorgeous. I didn't have a plan for them, but knew I didn't want to pass them by. I saw a tutorial for the fringe technique, somewhere on the internet, with tissue paper and used as a ceiling decoration, and eventually  decided I would put the two ideas together for this backdrop. I figured I would need a lot of streamers, but did not realize I would need 3 or 4 rolls of each color. This meant a day-of the party trip to Target with crossed fingers that they would still have the exact same product. (They did!) I'm just glad the final result turned out so magical looking. I folded and snipped away at these for a few nights in a row, while binge watching the entire series of "Call the Midwife" and the latest season of "Downton Abbey". <3

Follow along for the simple instructions.

  1. Cut a section of streamer .
  2. Gently fold in half length wise (or hot dog style).
  3. Cut tiny dashes all the way, along the non folded half of paper.
  4. Unfold and spread out your fringe, as desired.
  5. We taped our streamers up to our wall with double stick tape on their back sides.

This concept could work with bigger streamers, different colors, patterns, etc. Although it was time consuming, I am so happy with how it turned out. So happy in fact, that I saved most of the pieces and rolled them back up to use again in the future, should they be needed.