Girls Only! Grownup Slumber Party

I'm so excited to share all the photos from Party No. 7 with you! It ended up being a super chill night at home with girlfriends. Nicki, who I have been friends with since college orientation, came up from the Bay Area, plus the always lovely Becca, Lydia and Katie, joined me for a night in. We all snacked on popcorn and candy, sipped on yummy drinks and played Heads Up late into the night. As it goes with some parties, it's hard to capture photos of the action, so I mostly have a lot of preparation pics.

Without further ado, let's party! 

I set up a popcorn station with a lot of different kinds of candy, and had personalized containers for each guest to create their custom mix. We also had a veggie tray with dip and the sleepover classic, bagel bites. Everyone brought a bottle of wine (which meant leftovers for me!) and we indulged in the ever delicious Palm Breeze, which is sorta like a wine cooler, but in a can! It was fun trying new kinds of wine and inspired me to maybe have a wine tasting party in the future! 

The paper lanterns came three to a pack at Target and were on sale for $1. Major party planner score! We still have them hanging up over the TV. I talked more about my pretty textured garlands here

Hey Girl! I bought a bunch of individual face masks in the beauty aisle at Target. Each one was a different scent and only cost between $1-$2 each. It was a fun way to do a little pampering while hanging out together. I recommend everyone grab a couple packets next time you're at Target to introduce into your weekly self care routine. I've done a bunch since the party, and look forward to how fancy my face feels - like I'm at a spa, but I'm really on my couch in my PJs.

Heads Up (on the iPad) is a favorite game within our group, that never seems to get old. I love that the app allows you the option of replaying and saving the actual video of each round. I might have even more fun watching the videos afterwards, than playing the game itself. We played off and on for most of the night. We tried an adult Mad Libs app but it wasn't bringing the laughs. Heads Up is great because it gets everyone up and requires active participation. It's like charades but all of the clues are provided, all you need is your phone or iPad! 

It meant a lot to me to have old and new friends meet for the first time and get along so well. It's special to get together with your people and spend a night talking about important topics like weddings, babies, and boys, but also be silly, and absurdly act out clues like "belly flop" and "pumping a tire". Truth be told, I wasn't feeling incredibly inspired the days leading up to the party, and in retrospect, I certainly could have had my friends over for an evening with no decorations. But, I'm glad I pushed myself to come up with a theme, try out new crafts and make fun garlands for the sake of this blog. I think the time together far outweighed any decoration I could have copied from Pinterest, but thanks to this process of throwing a party each month, I have great memories from a hilarious night in July with my girls. 

At the very least, I know I will hang up the twinkle lights, move the furniture, and have my girls over again next summer.