For the love of Third Eye Blind

This weekend Jason and I went to the Dashboard Confessional and Third Eye Blind show at the Masonic Center in San Francisco. I remember when we bought the tickets, months ago, thinking that July was so far away! I didn't know what our life and schedule would look like at this point in the year, but I knew we would regret missing a Third Eye Blind show. Thankfully, the experience did not disappoint. One of the best parts was how good their new album was live.

San Francisco summed up in one photo: cold, windy, hills. 

Jason has been a 3eb fan since his adolescence, and seen them live multiple times. Before I met Jason, I heard their songs on the radio, but never listened to their CDs. Throughout the years of dating, I've grown to really love when he plays their songs. I think it's partially because the music is so damn good, but also because of how happy the songs make him. He knows all the lyrics, and associates each song with a different time in his life - times before we even knew the other existed. It's special how music can help me understand the experiences that made up the person I know today.

Dashboard Confessional sang all their hits, including my favorite "Screaming Infidelities". It was a major sing-a-long between the band and the entire audience. 

We danced and sang all night. My feet still hurt. 

It is fun being a fan of something that I wouldn't otherwise had the chance to love, had it not been for Jason. Thanks for letting me be your date to such an awesome show, B. Thanks for introducing me to something so close to your heart.

Want a glimpse of how great the show was?

Here's a video of them covering Beyonce, then seamlessly transitioning into one of their oldest songs. (Note: explicit language)