Shakin' it off with Taylor Swift

Last weekend, Jason and I saw Taylor Swift's 1989 tour at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. And we had a BLAST. Holy moly - that girl can put on a show. I had never been to an outdoor concert like that, and although our seats were far away from her and the stage, it was a really cool experience. I loved dancing and singing the night away with 50,000 other fans outside, under the night sky. 

Our seats were in the last row of our section, which meant there was a little ledge, the exact right size for our GoPro. Jason put together a quick little highlight video of the best footage. 

Pre-show selfie! 

Vance Joy was one of her openers. He was precious and a great live singer. 

Rocking my Mantra Band bracelet and some temporary tattoos. I think it's so fun that these are back in style. I always saved temporary tattoos when I was little, waiting to wear them on a "special occasion". Reminder to my adult self: don't save things for a rainy day. Life is happening now. 

Right before Taylor came out,  she played "She Drives me Crazy" by Fine Young Cannibals. The song was released in 1989 - which I guessed when I first heard it - an homage to her album's title and her birth year. I thought it was fun that this was the last song they played in the stadium, before she came on. It got me in the mood to party!

When we got to our seats, I noticed that on every chair there was a wristband. They weren't ordinary wristbands though! They looked like FitBit bands and were all synced and programmed to light up at certain points with the music. This was my first time getting to wear one of these LED wristbands at a concert, and it was SO COOL. The first few songs, the stage lights were low and the impact of the wristbands was extra noticeable. It felt like every audience member was a part of the production.

This little girl is my spirit animal. She stood up and danced to (I'm the same way at every concert I go to.) Never lose your sparkle, little one.

Levi's Stadium is right next to a theme park that had a fireworks show during the concert! Taylor noticed and remarked "Woah! Everyone, I didn't set those off. Those aren't mine!" They nearly perfectly coincided with her acoustic version of "Should've Said No", which was the selected throwback song, for this show.

The finale was 'Shake it Off'. She pulled out all the stops with this one! Dancers, a spinning stage, and of course, her own pyrotechnic show. My favorite performance of the night was the Enchanted/ Wildest Dreams mash up. I need that version to listen to every day!