FEBRUARY 2018 | #1SE.

1 Second Everyday is an app that stitches the moments of your life into a single continuous movie by capturing one second of footage daily. Watch the creator's TED Talk here. Watch my 2017 video here.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 11.03.05 PM.png

February included: my car keys before work (SWL key chain), tulip progress, views from the Rock Wall Winery in Alameda, lots of green and yellow on the way back from my weekly trip to the fabric store, kitchen table flowers, a favorite tree on my neighborhood walk, Haver Square Quilt binding, Monday afternoon baby giggles, Olympic Opening Ceremony in the background at Drake's Dealership, plant goodness from Shelf, Rory lovin' on a Sunday in Sacramento, completed Haver Square quilt (!), scenes from my walk, Rob Has a Podcast listening before bed, sparkles before work, Ice Dancing, laundry scenes on a cloudy day, blooms on a Monday, more Olympics, rainbow wall hanging prep, late night Women's Hockey with my Mom, another laundry shot, my breakfast of avocado on everything bagel, major rainbow wall hanging progress, air plant watering session, lots of hail, rainbow dog ears, and Mom and Dad post work chats. 

This month I noticed myself feeling pretty unmotivated to capture my daily video, as evidenced by some repeating subject matters. I wonder if March will be more of the same or if I'll feel a renewed sense of excitement for this project? Still grateful for this incredible memory keeping medium and how it is evolving over time. 

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