APRIL 2017 | #1SE.

1 Second Everyday is an app that stitches the moments of your life into a single continuous movie by capturing one second of footage daily. Watch the creator's TED Talk here.

April consisted of: a newly organized closet, the return of Giants baseball, garden progress with the sweet peas, painting for #The100DayProject, early morning light, cross stitch lovin', driving over the Richmond- San Rafael Bridge, retreating in Dillion Beach, driving to San Diego, journal writing in hotels, the turtle pond on SDSU's campus, road tripping back home, tapas + cashew ice cream in Albany with Anne, plant updates, and a sushi boat trip with Kevin and Chase. There was hammering in the garden beds, the return of afternoon walks with Dad, binge watching Younger with Melissa, conversations about "1 second everyday" with Kevin and Andrew, a zoo day with Becca, Lili, and Melissa, completed art, a haircut with my girl Linsey, time with Hank the hilariously noisy French Bulldog, a Giants game with my sister, indoor mini golf, errands as a family, and Betty Who live in Sacramento!