Life as of late

This has become the summer of the Farmers Market: Davis and now Natomas! Night walks are my favorite. Watermelons are always in style, especially for the home. Shout out to TWLOHA for the above the bed art. 

While you're here, are you on Pinterest yet? I remember when I first heard of Pinterest, a friend was telling me how she was already obsessed with the site, and that I had to join. Little did I know, Pinterest would quickly become my FAVORITE app on my phone (now it's a tie between that and Instagram). I love using Pinterest when I'm low on ideas, waiting for an appointment, and trying to chill out before bed. It is addictive in the sense that it's an endless stream of creativity. Below is my "party" board.

Let's become Pinterest friends, I want to see what you're pinning! 

Lastly, my favorite video on the internet right now. The Family Life Educator in me is shouting "Amen".