Year of Parties was created by Andrea L'Heureux in 2015 as a record of her journey to throw at least one party, every month, for a year.  She started the blog to stay accountable, and share her progress. Read about why parties became the name of the game here.

In addition to fun crafts, Year of Parties is about embracing the "party" in the ordinary. It's about celebrating in big and small ways, and not waiting for a future date to enjoy life. 

I am a twenty-something, Northern CA native who loves sleeping in, the San Francisco Giants, haircuts, empty notebooks, and podcasts. I have a garland for every occasion, and I've never met a Mexican combo plate I didn't like (hold the cilantro).

I am passionate about feminism, art therapy, emotion coaching, mindfulness, and self-care. 

I enjoy blogging about my life in Sacramento (including my love of plants), the latest in DIY, and as many travel posts as possible. I also use this platform to write personal essays about creativity, growing up, anxiety, and grief + loss

I believe in living in the moment. And not just the shiny, well-cropped, perfectly filtered moments (although those are great), I believe in living in the messy and painful moments, too. Life is beautiful in black and white and grey. I invite you to live in the grey (and pink and orange) with me.